If you always dig out the cookie dough in your ice cream, youll love Ben & Jerrys new snack

Picture: Ben and Jerry's ben & jerry's cookie dough
(Picture: Ben & Jerrys)

Whether you like scooping out the cookie dough bits of ice cream or love to lick the bowl after a baking sesh, we can agree that the doughy stuff is delicious.

Its such a popular treat that everyones favourite ice cream brand, Ben & Jerrys, has decided to make a whole snack out of it.

After it announced that you can buy its signature ice creams in bagel form, the Vermont-based creamery has just come out with frozen cookie dough chunks.

Naturally, fans have gone into a frenzy (same here, tbh) so, where can we get some of the delicious new goods?

Picture: Ben and Jerry's ben & jerry's cookie dough
(Picture: Ben & Jerrys)

The popular brand has decided to take the ice cream out of its product and create a packet of dough chunks on their own.

They coms in two flavours – chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip – which need to be placed in a freezer as you would with ice cream cream.

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If you think the cookie dough is the best part of eating an ice cream and cant wait to get your hands on it, then youre in for a bit of a wait.

Thats because the company is trialling the product in its hometown of Vermont, U.S.

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The stocks will only be available in its home state before it rolls out to the rest of America and eventually the world.

So if you are a Vermonter then do the rest of us a favour and stock up.

Because we cant wait to take a trip down our local supermarket and pile up on the stuff.

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