Strawberry Freddos exist and we want them to come to the UK

Strawberry freddos
(Picture: Caab Living)

Freddos come in all sorts of different varieties, from white chocolate to peppermint.

But one weve just become aware of is the strawberry pond edition.

Its essentially just your standard Freddo, made with Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and shaped like a frog, but it comes with a soft strawberry flavoured centre.

The strawberry Freddos have been available in Australia for a while but the downside to this is that theyre currently not available at retailers in the UK.

You can find them to buy online but, as you can probably imagine, theyre not cheap.

Caab Living is currently selling the strawberry Freddos for 80p per 15g bar.

If youre wanting to get enough to last you a good few months, boxes of 72 bars are selling on Amazon for £49.99 – with free delivery.

Yes, thats nearly fifty quid for a box of Freddos but it actually works out cheaper – considering 72 bars from Caab will set you back £58.

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Obviously, not many of us have £50 to spend on Freddos. And so, were hoping the strawberry chocolate bars make it over to UK shops.

But, we suppose that weve come to accept the Freddo for more than 10p.

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However, back in March, we revealed that the price of the Freddo had actually been decreased by Cadbury, from 30p to 25p, after some backlash to the chocolate frogs going up 200% in price since 2000.

To find out whether the strawberry Freddo will make it halfway across the world, weve contacted Cadbury. And well update this article when they respond.

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