Nestle reveals the reason there are fewer Green Triangles in Quality Street tins

Nestl?? has finally revealed why there are fewer green triangles in each tub of Quality Street??? AND why there are more strawberry delights Credit: Nestl??
(Picture: Nestle)

Have you ever wondered why there are often so many Strawberry Delights and so few Green Triangles in your Quality Street Tins?

Well, it turns out this doesnt happen by chance. Theres an actual reason for it.

Quality Street tins are made up of three different types of sweet – fruit cremes, chocolate and toffees and fudge.

According to Nestle, each tub is broadly split into thirds, with a third dedicated to each sweet category. Thats why you will often find there are many Strawberry Delights – because its one of just two fruit cremes.

The reason you will find so few Green Triangles, is because its one of five in the chocolates category.

*gets out quality street*

*finds no green triangles*

*puts quality street away*

— ol (@olivergeorgep) November 23, 2015

my dad gave elliot a box of quality street to bring me at uni and there's no green triangles in it??? sick joke or what

— Mieke (@__miekee) November 9, 2016

A spokesperson told Each tub is broadly split into thirds along these lines which is why you will get more sweets like the Strawberry Delight which is one of only two fruit cremes and fewer of The Purple One or Green Triangle which are just two of the five, mainly chocolate based sweets.

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But there is some good news: Nestle have realised that, due to their popularity, there is a need for more Green Triangles. And theyre doing something about it.

(Picture: Nestle)

They said: ”We do take the popularity of individual sweets into account and have increased the number of peoples favourites in this years assortment.

Our research shows that the Caramel Swirl is the sweet with the broadest appeal but other studies point to The Purple One or the Strawberry Delight as being more popular.

Part of the fun of Christmas is the family discussion about each of our favourites and who gets the last sweet.

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Other factors we have to consider during the process are keeping the weight, nutritional value and cost of each tub steady so that the on-pack labelling and RRP is accurate and consistent.

This year, Nestle has partnered with John Lewis to bring Quality Street pick and mix to eleven stores around the country, where people can choose their own chocolate mix.

Which means if The Purple Ones or Green Triangles are your favourite, you can fill up an entire box with just them.

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