Country-pop duo Ward Thomas admit new record Restless Minds is most honest album weve ever made

Theyve been dubbed "Britain's first country stars”, and now Ward Thomas are gearing up for the release of their third album Restless Minds.

Twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas first burst onto the scene in 2014, and now four years later, theyre ready to be the most honest theyve ever been.

Admitting that Restless Minds is similar to previous albums, From Where We Stand and Cartwheels, the 24-year-olds were keen to stress: “Restless Minds is definitely the most honest album we have ever made, we have grown up a fair amount since our previous album Cartwheels so the subject matter we are tackling is quite different this time.

“However, just like on Cartwheels the song writing and harmonies still took priority in the creative process and so Restless Minds was no different.”

Lyrically, the twins have tackled issues close to their hearts, such as pertinent observations on social media, the womens movement, what the truth means in 2018 and also mental health.

“As soon as we started writing the album, it became obvious what the themes would be,” says Catherine. “We were discussing current issues for us as twenty-somethings, in a world thats scary because its changing so quickly, but is also creating lots of exciting, new opportunities.”

The first single from the album, Lie Like Me, focuses on the pressure of social media – a platform which the twins think is vital for their music careers.

When asked if they think its possible to be in the industry and not use social media, they replied: “Not for us. There is definitely a few anomalies that dont need it but as a platform its too important for us to miss out on. It has brought a huge amount of opportunities for us.”

Revealing how they try to deal with the pressures of social media, they added: “I think its hard to completely ignore the pressures but we tend to channel our pressures and frustrations on social media into our song writing.

“The main issue with social media for us is the fake reality that can sometimes create unrealistic pressures on all of us. We always consciously try to use our socials to spread positivity and honesty.”

And when it comes to reality shows such as The X Factor and The Voice, theyre not against those either.

“A lot of TV shows can create unfair assumptions on people when a lot of very talented artists come out of them,” the ladies said.

“From our own experience, there doesnt seem to be a normal or easy way to get heard in the industry and so the shows that help can be great!”

Restless Minds is set for release on February 1, 2019.

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