Walkers launches pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts and cheese and cranberry flavours

Walkers Christmas crisps
Walkers Christmas crisps

Theres no doubt about it – Christmas is coming.

If you havent already tried pigs in blankets tea or cinnamon Coca-Cola, maybe these are more your thing.

Walkers have launched three new flavours for the festive season.

Its the first time in a decade the crisp brand have released a crispmas range.

(Picture: Walkers)
(Picture: Walkers)

You can buy single 32.5g packs of the turkey and stuffing, pigs in blankets and Brussels sprouts flavours for 65p a pack or you can buy multipacks of six packets for £1.50.

The sprout lovers set includes two packs of Brussels sprouts, turkey and stuffing and pigs in blankets.

The sprout haters version includes glazed ham, turkey and stuffing, and cheese and cranberry

Andrew Hawkswell, marketing manager at PepsiCo, said: Here at Walkers we know that Christmas isnt Christmas without sprouts.

Whether you grin or grimace at the sight of them, nothing divides the nation more at Christmas than a sprout – so we have created two Christmas dinner multipacks, one for sprout lovers and one for haters to keep the peace this festive season.

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