Asda launches pizza home delivery service

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Attention, takeaway lovers: Asda is now doing pizza delivery.

Asda is collaborating with JustEat to offer customers in Killingbeck, Bestow, Livingston, and Wakefield the chance to try the new service.

All of the pizzas are made in store at Asdas Diner Kitchen and you can have absolutely anything you want on yours – and theres no price change in toppings, as each 16 inch pizza will cost just £6.

James Ainger, Asdas Senior Buying Manager, said: We are really excited to be trialling this new service in our store in Killingbeck, along with plans to roll out to three more stores later this month.

We know our customers love Asda pizzas and now they can have them delivered to their doorstep.

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Yesterday, we announced that Asda will also be launching giant mince pies just in time for Christmas.

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Theyre three times the size of a normal mince pie, being seven inches in diameter, three and a half centimetres deep and they weigh 435g.

Theyre available for just £1.50.

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