Whole Foods shares the healthy food trends well all be fans of in 2019

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According to Waitrose, the big food trends for 2019 include ice cream and cocktails.

Whole Foods predictions are a little different.

The health store has revealed their list of the ten food trends thatll be big next year, so we can all stock our cupboards with the most fashionable snacks.

As youd expect, theyre all super healthy, with veganism and unusual greens both featured on the list.

Here are the nine eating choices Whole Foods reckons well be making in 2019.

1. Pacific Rim flavours

Sadly this has nothing to do with fighting giant robots.

Instead Whole Foods is recommending taking inspiration from the flavours of Asia, Oceania, and South America.

Think cuttlefish, shrimp, guava, passionfruit, and jackfruit.

2. Probiotics

Everyones banging on about gut health recently, so no surprise here.

Apparently rather than supplements well be taking in probiotics integrated in our foods; in granola, nut butters, soups, and nutrition bars.

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3. Fats

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Blame the keto and paleo diets, but fats are back. Healthy ones, of course.

Look out for snacks packed with coconut butter and snacks made with ghee.

4. Hemp and CBD oil

Well, we already knew this one would be on the list.

Unfortunately CBD oil is still prohibited for use in food and dietary supplements, but youll spot hemp in beauty products and more.

5. Fake meat

The cries of plant-based people are finally being met, with loads of retailers and restaurants offering new vegan options.

Rather than glazing mushrooms or frying sweet potato, now people are looking to vegan items that recreate the tastes and textures of meat.

Fake bacon snacks, seitan steaks, and veggie burgers packed with umami flavours will be big next year.

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6. Environmentally conscious packaging

The war on plastic rages on, and now the target is food packaging.

Expect to see an increase in reusable options and eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers.

7. Unusual frozen treats

Waitrose suggests ice cream, Whole Foods recommends more unusual takes on frozen desserts, made with bases of avocado, tahini, and coconut water.

Mochi, rolled ice cream, crushed ice, and chewy Turkish ice creams will see a rise in popularity.

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8. Sea greens

Youll spot seaweed snacks and kelp noodles lining the aisles of your favourite healthy food stores next year.

More out-there sea-based treats include crispy salmon skins, puffed snacks made with water lily seeds, and salty sea fennel.

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9. Fancy snacks

Now, snacking is a trend we can get on board with.

Whole Foods plans to sell more fancy snacks for people on the go, such as cheese boards for one and mini charcuterie selections.

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