Yo! Sushi launches a huge new menu for winter

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Yo! Sushi is famous for its conveyor belt of culinary delights – and now there are even more delicious dishes for sushi-lovers to try.

The Japanese chain has launched a jam-packed new menu to see us through the winter months – and our mouths are watering already.

The new dishes have been inspired by authentic Japanese street food, and there are some seriously warming options, perfect for when the weather gets really cold.

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For the first time ever, Yo! Sushi will be serving meals on big plates. If the thought of diddy dishes puts you off, this season you can get a super-sized portion of raman, or katsu curry – which will certainly warm you up.

Another new addition are the bao burgers. A western, recognisable twist on the Japanese classic bao buns, the hearty burgers are stuffed with chicken teriyaki or chicken katsu.

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And if youre dining with a big group, you can now order giant sharing platters to take the confusion out of picking multiple dishes.

New research conducted on behalf of Yo! found that 53% of the UK have never tried sushi before, and over half of sushi virgins believe its just raw fish.

But if you dont like the thought of raw fish, thats no problem because the huge menu has plenty of other Asian delicacies on offer.

Even the sushi rolls arent off limits – with veggie and non-fish options available. A new favourite has to be the chicken and avocado rolls, which are already selling really well.

(Picture: Yo! Sushi/

The new Korean fried chicken is a surprise hit, doused in an addictive sweet chilli sauce.

And if you have any room left, theres the new chocolate brownie or the light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake, drizzled in an indulgent salted caramel sauce.

Wash it all down with a crisp glass of sake to really make an evening of it.

The winter menu features 30 new dishes, and has made us reevaluate Yo! Sushi as more than just a quick lunchtime spot.

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