Jamie Carragher mocks Gary Neville over his combined Liverpool-Manchester United XI

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The former right-back named two players who cant get in Mourinhos team! (Picture: Getty)

Gary Neville was ridiculed by Jamie Carragher for picking both Paul Pogba and Eric Bailly in his combined Liverpool-Manchester United XI – even though they arent playing for the Red Devils.

The two teams face off at Anfield on Sunday, though have Champions League matches in midweek first, with Jose Mourinhos side trailing league leaders Liverpool by 16 points after as many matches.

Both Neville and Carragher picked their combined XIs for Sundays game – with the rule that no injured players can be included – and the former United right-back struggled to get many of his old clubs players in the side.

Neville named four United players in his combined XI (Picture: Sky Sports)

In the end he picked just four – Pogba, Bailly, David de Gea and Anthony Martial – though Carragher was not impressed with his decision making process.

On picking Bailly

JC: Baily doesnt even get in the United team so whys he getting in a combined team?
GN: I just fancied putting a United player in the back four, to be honest.
JC: He doesnt even play does he?
GN: To be fair, do I think Matip and Lovren, individually, are brilliant? Not really. Do I think Bailly is brilliant? Not really. But I think actually if Bailly was put in that back four, hed be the best of the three of them. I must admit it was tough. It was a flip of the coin.

On picking Pogba

GN: Pogba I just thought holding in midfield-
JC: Holding!?
GN: Yeah, I put him holding.
[Carragher bursts out laughing]JC: Pogba holding? Holding what? Oh my god. Hes the most undisciplined player of all time.
GN: Hes holding with Wijnaldum and Keita. I didnt pick him with much conviction to be honest with you! I was clutching at straws.

Neville stuck by his decision to include Pogba and, even though he is not in Mourinhos good books at the moment, believes the Frenchman is a world-class midfielder.

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He continued: I still think Pogba is Manchester Uniteds best central midfield player. I actually still think, out of all the central midfield players of both clubs, hes the most talented.

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