You can now get wonky chicken breasts for a much cheaper price

(Picture: Muscle food)

Weve heard of wonky veg but now odd-shaped meat is on sale too.

In a bid to reduce the amount of bigger or slightly mishapen breasts that go to waste or are turned into processed meat, online retailer are selling a 2.5kg bag of wonky chicken breasts.

The bag contains around 12 servings of chicken.

The same weight of chicken breasts would cost £13.50 from Asda.

(Picture: Muscle food)

The company hand cuts breasts for top restaurants and the ones that are slightly imperfect or do not meet weight requirements are being sold online for the reduced price.

The breasts are all from cage free hens with no added water or salt and they are 100% fresh.

Some might be slightly smaller than you are used to while some might be much bigger as they range from 100g to 350g but they will all be perfect cut up in stir fries, curries or salads.

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