People cant get over how uncomfortable these bikini bottoms look

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Fashion Nova accused of ?Photoshopping? a model?s crotch in shot of skimpy lace bodysuit Credit: Beginning Boutique

(Picture: Beginning Boutique)

A fashion company has been bombarded with sarcastic comments after they posted a photo of a model wearing their super high-cut bikini bottoms.

Beginning Boutique shared a photo of a model wearing the Heron red and white bikini bottoms, with the model looking perfectly posed to keep her modesty.

But other women have been unable to relate to the photo, saying that there is absolutely no way theyd be able to hide their own modesty in such skimpy bottoms.

Fashion Nova accused of ?Photoshopping? a model?s crotch in shot of skimpy lace bodysuit METRO GRAB FROM Credit: Beginning Boutique

(Picture: Beginning Boutique)

Hilarious comments include: Usually soap and water works just fine. We dont need to floss our flaps, and What happens if you have a fat vagina? Do you have extensions? Just asking for a friend.

Another said: Has she got her flaps duct taped to her back? Bet if she farts shell slap someone to death.

Someone else joked: Couldnt even hide a papercut under that.


One man added: Any regular lady who hasnt had her vulva surgically removed rocking this would actually look like a cat with its tongue hanging out, or like someone tried to do bondage with a bacon sandwich.

So yes, its safe to say people arent the biggest fans of these bikini bottoms.

This models crotch isnt the only thing to go viral – as Fashion Nova has been called out for allegedly photoshopping a models crotch wearing a Lace Lace Baby Pant Set.

The outfit costs £35.73 and features a long sleeved lacy bodysuit and matching flared trousers. It was debuted on Instagram, and has received over 68,000 likes.

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But many people are questioning the need to photoshop the crotch so much.

One person said: Whoever photoshopped this photo, fire them.

Another said: My pussy could never.

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