When does McDonalds Monopoly 2019 end and how do you claim prizes online?

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The game is afoot, folks, as McDonalds Monopoly has begun in earnest.

There are all sorts of prizes available, from Extra Value meals to £100k cash, as well as instant wins giving you shopping discounts and food prizes.

Its a real (Mc)flurry of excitement for fans of the game, but it does have to come to an end at some point – otherwise youd simple be able to keep collecting stickers to make sets.

Heres how long you have to get your collection sorted and use them up in time.

When does McDonalds Monopoly 2019 end?

Online codes expire on 30 April. That means youve got just over a month to collect your full sets and pop the codes in on the website.

Instant win codes expire 14 May, which gives you slightly longer to claim your free ice creams and nuggets.



Its worth noting, that even if you receive the winning stickers before this date, they wont be honoured. Claim right away, or deal with the sadness that you might have lost out on a hundred grand (or at least a voucher for some new clothes).

How do you claim prizes online?

Peel off your sticker, and look for the 10-digit online game code that runs along the side.

Then go to the website, input the sticker and your email address, and get notified if youre a winner.

If youre one of the lucky few who get one of the major prizes, youll have to confirm further details before the prize is paid out.

According to McDonalds you must also retain your Game Piece(s) whatever the type of prize you have won, both before and for a reasonable time after award.

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