Bookkeeper stole $93,000 from employer and treated herself to pre-wedding butt lift surgery

A bookkeeper embezzeled $93,000 from her employer and blew $7,200 of the cash on a pre-wedding butt lift operation, police say.

Vanessa Cline, 32, is accused of lavishing a further $25,000 on a wedding planner, and $2,000 on a dress for her big day.

She is said to have swindled the money from No Limits Construction in Stafford, Virginia, and was reportedly caught out after the companys credit card company contacted her boss.

Vanessa Cline is accused of embezzling $93,000 from the construction company where she worked, then blowing tens of thousands on butt lift surgery, as well as a wedding planner and dress for her big day (Picture: Stafford County Sheriffs Office)

They told the unnamed owner that one of his accounts was on the verge of being closed over lack of repayment, prompting him to uncover the huge scam.

According to WTVR, Cline also used the No Limits company card to buy an ATV, plane tickets, clothing, furniture and perfume.

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She is also said to have forged five checks totalling almost $10,000.



Clines alleged deceit came after she was hired to replace No Limits previous bookkeeper, who admitted embezzling $150,000 from the company between January 2016 and January 2018.

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