Babysitter battered girl, 3, to death for pouring tomato ketchup down the toilet

A babysitter accused of battering a three year-old girl to death for pouring tomato ketchup down the toilet is due to stand trial today.

Lindsay Partin will face jurors Monday over claims she murdered Hannah Wesche by battering her to death at her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, during March 2018.

The beating left Hannah with a traumatic brain injury and multiple hemorrrhages, including one on her spinal cord.

Three year-old Hannah Wesche is pictured on life support last March, shortly before her death. Her babysitter Lindsay Partin is due to stand trial for the toddlers murder Monday (Picture: WCPO)

Mother of two Partin allegedly battered Hannah to death after the youngster poured tomato ketchup down the toilet in an attempt to play a harmless practical joke (Picture: WCPO)

Hannah, who loved ketchup and would eat extra tomato sauce when her father cooked her hot dogs, was also left with bruises across her entire body.



Mother of two Partin reportedly told police afterwards that shed attacked the youngster as a punishment for when she dumped ketchup in the toilet in a harmless attempt at humor.

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Afterwards, she dialed 911 and told the operator that Hannah fell real bad yesterday but that shed thought the youngster had recovered fine from the accident.

She then claimed that Hannah had taken an unexpected turn for the worse, and that all of a sudden she just passed out.

Hannahs father Jason can also be heard in the background trying to revive the youngster, saying Hannah breathe. Breathe for daddy.


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