Burger King launches meatless Impossible Whopper

(Picture: Burger King)

Burger King has announced the launch of an entirely meatless Whopper in the hopes of attracting more vegetarian customers.

The Impossible Whoppers are made with plant-based patties from Impossible Foods, and the fast food giant will trial the new product in 59 restaurants in the city of St Louis.

If the trial proves successful, the plan is to roll out the meat-free burgers internationally.

The difference between the Impossible Whopper and other veggie burgers on offer at the chain is that it has been made to mimic the look, feel and taste of real meat.

Impossible Foods, who has produced the patties, uses modern technology to create nutritious food which has a much smaller environmental impact than breeding livestock.

The new recipe used in the Burger King patties actually includes the same level of protein and iron as real beef – which is good news if youre conscious about a balanced diet.

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Burger King said that the Impossible Whopper has slightly fewer calories than the classic burger and is also very low in cholesterol.



In recent years we have seen an explosion of plant-based alternatives popping up in mainstream food chains – it is in response to the growth of vegetarianism and veganism, and the demand doesnt appear to be slowing down.

Nutritional info

240 calories
14 g fat (8g saturated)
370 mg sodium
9 g carbohydrates
3 g fiber
Less than 1g sugar

*This is for the patty alone, without the bun, sauce or salad.

To offset the extra cost of producing the Impossible Whoppers, customers will have to pay around $1 (76p) more than the regular Whopper – but were sure veggie customersRead More – Source

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