Boy, 8, found after running away to travel the world

A real-life Kevin McCallister went on his own little adventure and made sure his parents knew he had left to travel around the world.

The boy, 8, left a note for his mother to find and set off from his hometown in the city of Astrakhan in southern Russia.

His mother alerted the police when she found it and the hunt began to find the intrepid explorer.

Boy, 8, found after running away to 'travel the world' Provider: Russian Interior Ministry Source:

The little boy left a note for his mother to find (Picture: Russian Interior Ministry)

It took a few hours, but he was soon found walking down a street all by himself after travelling on three separate buses.

Oh, and he was carrying his trusty toy, money from his piggy bank, a banana, and an encyclopaedia so he could learn all about the places he was about to visit.

When the officers did catch up with him, he admitted he was quite tired from his trip and wanted some rest, the BBC reports.



The Russian Interior Ministry reported his story and it immediately inspired others on social media.

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