Sir Elton John reveals he gives his sons THIS much pocket money despite being worth £300m

Music legend Elton John opens up about his down-to-earth approach to raising children

Elton John

Sir Elton John is famous for his outlandish lifestyle, but it seems fatherhood has changed the former super-spender, as hes revealed he only gives his children £1 pocket money a week.

Despite being worth an incredible £300 million, the 
pop legend insists that hes teaching his two sons, Zachary, eight, and six-year-old Elijah, 
to live frugally – unlike many other celebrities.

Admitting he doesnt want to spoil his two boys, the 72-year-old singer said, “Im the first to admit 
the boys have a far from average life, but being there for them doesnt mean spoiling them rotten.”

He added, “They have a pound each week pocket money.”

Elton John

Elton also insisted that both boys 
have to work for their money. “They 
get saving, pocket money and charity, 
and they have their own account for philanthropy,” he explains.

“They have to do chores around the house. They help in the garden with the gardeners, they take their plates out, they help tidy their rooms and it helps give them 
a sense of responsibility, because God knows, they dont lead a normal life, theres no pretending about that.”

Despite living a life of privilege, the Watford-born star says he and his partner David Furnish, 56, who got married in 2014, do their best to shield the boys from his fame. “They know what their daddy does, but 
I never bring Elton home,” he says.

“When people ask for a photograph 
and they say, Why? we always say, Because people like my music. We 
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