Remember the McDonalds McPickle April Fool? Someone has figured out how to order it

(Picture: Twitter/__M_A_T_T___)

You might have seen the McDonalds McPickle April Fools Day joke.

They said they were going to release a burger with pickles as the main filling.

And even though everyone knew it was a joke, people were a little disappointed.

Lots of people said they wished it was a real thing.

Although the fast food restaurant is not officially releasing the McPickle, one man has answered all your prayers.

The McPickle is real!

— Matt Little (@__M_A_T_T___) April 1, 2019

Matt Little, from Tasmania, shows how with a few clever ordering tricks, you can make one yourself.

Posting a picture of his receipt, Matt says he ordered a standard Big Mac to recreate the McPickle.

He then asked for burger, Big Mac sauce and onion to be removed.

He asks for three portions of extra pickle and ketchup to recreate the joke burger.



The cheese and lettuce that come as standard remain.

Adding and taking away what you need to recreate the McPickle doesnt affect the price so it will still be around £3.09 for just the burger and £4.79 for a meal.

Posting the picture of his creation on Twitter, Matt said: The McPickle is real!

One person replied: Why does that look nice!

And if you dont fancy the McPickle, you can pick up a free flatbread for breakfast at McDonalds this week.

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The McPickle is not the only April Fools Day joke that turned out to be real.

Heinz and Cadbury teamed up to actually recreate the Read More – Source

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