Woman lived to 99 with her vital organs back to front inside her

A woman lived to the grand old age of 99 even though most of her vital organs were back to front inside her body.

Rose Marie Bentleys unusual body parts were only discovered after she died and donated her body to science, with medical students at the Oregon Health and Science University stunned at what they found.

During a dissection of Bentleys cadaver, student Warren Nielsen and his group first knew something was different when they saw her body was missing a large vein called the interior vena cava and is normally found on the right side of the heart.

Rose Marie Bentley lived to 99 with an extremely unusual condition called situs inversus with levocardia, which meant all her vital organs were back to front inside her body (Picture: CNN)

The students called their professors over, with the teachers initially believing the students had made a mistake.

Recalling the spring 2018 discovery, Nielsen told CNN: (The professors) kind of rolled their eyes.

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Like, “How can these students miss this big vessel?”



And they come over and thats when the hubbub starts. Theyre like “Oh, my God, this is totally backwards!” The professors later discovered the vein running in a completely different direction than theyd ever seen inside anyone else.

Assistant anatomy Professor Cameron Walker said the odds of finding someone whose organs were like Bentleys are as rare as one in 50 million.

Bentleys unusual anatomical make-up was finally discovered after she donated her body to medical science, with trainee doctors stunned to discover just how unusual the arrangement of the grandmothers internal organs was (Picture: Pamlpin Media Group)

And things were about to get even stranger, with Bentleys lungs found to contain just two lobes, instead of the usual three.

The right atrium of her heart was twice the normal side, and her stomach was located on the right of her abdomen, instead of its usual placement on the left.

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Nielsen and his fellow student doctors went on to discover Bentleys liver also sat mostly on the left side of her body, rather than on the right, as is common.

The same applied to most of her digestive tract, which was also back to front.

Bentley, who died in October 2017, and others who donate their bodies to medical science normally have their identities kept from students as a mark of respect.

But her anatomical makeup is so unusual that she has been named with the blessing of her family, with Bentley nowRead More – Source

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