Sainsburys launches 1.8 metre long BBQ sausage

(Picture: Sainsburys/Getty)

We may have only just hit April, but were already getting super excited for summer – and BBQs in particular, thanks to Sainsburys.

The supermarket is launching a new BBQ Sausage Sqwirl, and its set to be massive.

The sausage is 1.8 metres long and can serve six people. Or, it could just make one absolutely gigantic hotdog.

Curled around in a square spiral, the sausage can simply be put on the BBQ to cook evenly.

The pork sausage is made using tomato, smoky paprika and chilli seasoning to give it a Memphis style taste.

And, thanks to its easy cooking style, its a lot simpler than frying up an entire packet of sausages.

Sainsbury's set to launch an 1.8M long spiralled sausage just in time for BBQ season
(Picture: Sainsburys)

According to Sainsburys, the best way to enjoy it is served up in a hot dog style, in soft buns, with salad and coleslaw. Yum.

Rebecca Deeley, Product Developer for Sainsburys, said: Our new BBQ Sqwirl is undoubtedly a showstopper for this season, and we think that no summer barbeque is truly complete without it.



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Those wanting to serve up a juicy sausage to family and friends this year can simply fire up the Barbie, place the sqwirl conveniently on it and then flip it over– which means no more chasing sausages around the grill.

The Memphis style BBQ Sausage Sqwirl isRead More – Source

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