Burger King is giving out free Whoppers tomorrow

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Food tastes better when its free, and that is a fact.

Burger King clearly know this as theyre giving away free Whopper burgers on what shall hereby be known as Whopper Wednesdays.

The chain will only be serving their signature burger to try to remind people of the royalty of the classic dish. If you try to order another burger in store, youll simply be served a Whopper instead.

There are two ways to get your hands on a free Whopper tomorrow. If youre near one of the restaurants, download the Burger King UK app, register and go to their nearest participating branch to claim.

For those not able to pop into a Burger King on the day there will be no need to worry, theyll be adding a free Whopper to all Burger King orders on Deliveroo on 17 April.

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Katie Evans, Marketing Director at Burger King UK, said: We are so excited to treat the nation to our iconic Whopper. The Whopper is Burger Kings pride and joy, and for one day only we think everyone deserves to get involved, tuck in and savour that flame grilled goodness on us.



Burger fans have no choice, but in a good way. Hope you understand. After all, Burger King is not called Home of The Cheeseburger!

They say theres no such thing as a free lunch, but in this case it might not actually be true. As long as you like Whoppers, youre pretty golden.

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Go forth, and let the meat sweats ensue.

If youre all booked up tomorrow, though, dont panic, as the free burger offer isRead More – Source

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