Subway launches vegan sub and salad

(Picture: Subway)

Vegans rejoice, for you now have a new option to order from Subway.

The sandwich joint has just announced two permanent vegan additions to its menu, including a vegan sub and a salad, both of which will be available from today (17 April).

First up is the sub, featuring a vegan patty made from red pepper, spicy chilli, garlic and red onion flavours.

Since this is Subway, so you can add whatever vegetables or sauce you prefer, but the brand has created a new vegan aioli for the occasion.

Its tasty, but also incredibly garlicky – skip it if youre on a date.

Thankfully, there are other vegan sauce options such as BBQ, sweet chilli and hot chilli.

Subway's new vegan sub filled with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and a vegan patty
(Picture: Subway)
Subway's new vegan salad
(Picture: Subway)

Prices for the vegan dishes start from £3.80 and if youre famished, you can also get a side of vegan hash browns.

The salad is pretty similar, minus the bread; choose your ingredients, add bits of the vegan patty on top and chuck on some garlic aioli.



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As for what the vegan sub tastes like, the collective response from those who tried it in the office was its not half bad.

Whether itll beat Greggs super popular vegan sausage roll as the nations new favourite vegan snack remains to be seen.

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