Step into the mythical world of Lemuria Jewels

Lemuria Jewels

Lemuria is a paradise on earth full of treasures such as the rarest gemstones. Legend has it, Lemuria sunk into the sea, scattering the glittering gems all around the world. Lemuria Jewels offers a happier ending to the story by gathering all the beautiful gemstones around the world and creating stunning jewellery so that everyone can possess a little piece of the Lemuria treasure.

Lemuria founder, Tatiana Ovchinnikova, harnesses the beauty of natural stones with her team of gemmologists, artist and designers to create her wearable designs which are a simplistic reflection of her effortlessly elegant aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from air, water, earth and fire – Lemuria Jewels highlights the modern womans individuality and all her different facets. Beaded bracelets and necklaces interspersed with glistening gems such as pearl, onyx, lapis or tiger eye, as well as glistening rainbow coloured eternity rings are key pieces within the collections. Shimmering rings out of rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, citrRead More – Source

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