Black Taps massive freakshakes finally arrive at Disneyland

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Disneyland is home to a lot of tasty treats.

Vegan dishes, lightsaber churros, boozy ice cream floats – you could head to Florida just for the food.

Now, after many months of waiting, Disneyland is also home to Black Tap milkshakes.

In case youre not clued up on your important milkshake history, a quick explanation. Black Tap is a restaurant based in New York thats pretty much responsible for making freakshakes – those milkshakes topped with all manner of additional sugar-packed delights – a thing.

Years back, Black Tap started selling milkshakes that towered high with cookies, doughnuts, and even wedges of cake. They were an instant hit, especially on Instagram, and soon the burger chain became the go-to spot for influencers fancying some dairy.

Then in 2017, it was announced that Black Tap would be opening a branch in the Downtown Disney District of the Disneyland Resort, customised just for Disney customers.



Now, finally, thats become reality.

black tap milkshakes at disneyland
(Picture: blacktap)

This week Black Taps Disneyland location opened its doors to eager customers (they really were eager, as reports say there were queues of 100 people waiting to get in by the time the branch opened at 11am).

The new branch features Black Taps signature shakes – called CrazyShakes – being sold from a to-go shake window. Guests can take their pick from the Bam Bam Shake, the Brooklyn Blackout, the Cookie Shake, the Cookies N Cream Supreme, and the Strawberry shortcake, as well as drink-in only options, including the Cake Shake, and classic shake flavours.

The shakes on offer:

Bam Bam Shake: Vanilla frosted rim with fruity pebbles topped with a fruity pebbles rice krispy treat, strawberry pop tart, laffy taffy, whipped cream & a cherry

Brooklyn Blackout: A chocolate shake with a frosted rim of mini chocolate chips topped with a chocolate brownie, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle

The Cookie Shake: Vanilla shake with frosted rim of cookie crumbles, topped with a cookiewich, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle.

Cookies N Cream Supreme: Vanilla frosted rim with crushed oreos topped with a cookies n cream sandwich, crumbled oreo, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle

The Cake Shake: A cake batter flavoured shake with a vanilla frosted rim, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry – topped with a full-on slice of funfetti cake.

The burger joint will also, of cRead More – Source

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