Asda launches cheeseburger pizza for £2.50

The pizza looks amazing (Picture: Asda)

If youre stuck between whether to get a pizza or a burger this weekend for takeaway night, then stop fretting, because Asda has your back.

The super cheap supermarket has just launched a limited edition cheeseburger pizza, which is available until the end of May.

The 10″ pizza, which costs £2.50, features rich tomato sauce, a duo of cheeses, tender marinated beef, red onion, mozzarella and gherkins, and is finished with a drizzle of burger sauce. Yum.

The pizza will be available in 450 Asda stores, and youll be able to find it at the deli counter.

So far, people who have tried the pizza say its yummy, and weve got to admit, it does look it.

In other Asda news, the unicorn trend is still going strong – and Asda has jumped on it with a new range of crumpets, which are shaped just like unicorns.

A pack of four is selling for £1, and apparently theyre meant to be paired with raspberry jam.



Theyve been very popular with parents so far, with one commenting: Cutest breakfast in the morning sorted.

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