Ziorva: Elegance with an edge


With sustainability at its heart, Ziorva is an ethical fine jewellery brand for the modern woman. A woman with both style and substance. A woman who values quality materials and expert craftsmanship. A woman who cares about how things are made and the impact of all our actions on the environment. “Ziorva”means “graceful gold”. It is derived from “Zi”, a name of Chinese origin which means “graceful” and “Orva” which means “worth gold” in French.

Every Ziorva piece is designed and crafted in the UK to reduce carbon footprint and ensure high quality standards of production. Items are purposefully cast from recycled gold to minimise adverse impact on the environment. Each gemstone is responsibly cut and hand-selected for its radiance and meaning. Only conflict-free diamonds feature which adhere to the Kimberley Process. Even the Ziorva gift boxes have been specially crafted from FSC certified card to ensure our forests are protected for future generations.

The first collection, Skyset, takes its inspiration from the skyline. Architectural outlines against the backdrop of dynamic skies. Mesmerising shades of pink and blue that illuminate the sky as theRead More – Source

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