Woman fuming after being sent two size eight bikinis instead of one size 16

Katrina was sent to pairs instead of one (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

Weve all been there: You order a load of new clothes online, all excited for them to look amazing on you – and then theyre either too big, too small, a different colour to what you expected or they just dont look right at all.

But one woman had more of a unique fashion blunder.

29-year-old Katrina Harradine ordered a two-piece Stripe Tie Triangle High Waist Bikini from Boohoo for an upcoming holiday in St. Lucia.

Shed ordered the bikini in a size 16 – but instead of getting the right size, she was sent two pairs of bikini bottoms in a size eight.

Sure, we know two eights make 16, but it doesnt quite work with clothing, does it?

Katrina purchased the bikini along with several other items including a swimsuit, shorts and a top in a £5 deal online.



Katrina then stockpiled the summertime wear and left it in the packaging ready for her holiday on 23 June to see family and friends.

A picture of Katrina Harradine
Shed ordered the bikinis for her holiday (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

However, when Katrina tried on the bikini, she realised Boohoo had incorrectly sent two size eight bikini bottoms.

To make matters worse, she claims the proper size 16 bikini top is made to fit a 16-month-old baby or a woman with just one breast.

The freelance project manager took to Twitter to call out the UK retailer and shared photos of the bikini bottoms.

She wrote: Hey @boohoo_cshelp did yall run out of size 16 bikini bottoms so send me two size 8s as a maths joke?? I actually wish I was kidding!

Katrina said: Sizing is never perfect but you dont ever expect anything as bad as this.

You usually end up ordering and hoping for the best but this is ridiculous.

Katrina, who lives in South East London, spotted a £5 deal at Boohoo and decided to purchase several bikinis and outerwear in preparation for a seven-week annual holiday to the Caribbean.

She placed the order on 22 May and it arrived a few days later but Katrina decided to store all the items and try them all on at a time nearer to her holiday.

The bikinis Katrina ordered
She was given two size eight bikinis (Picture: Katrina Harradine / SWNS)

But following a chance conversation with her cousin about a candy-themed party whilst she is away in St. Lucia, Katrina opened the Boohoo order and discovered the mixup.



Katrina claims she has been given a feeble apology and was told to send the package back along with a note.

I ordered a whole bunch of stuff on a £5 deal, she added. Im going to the Caribbean on 23 June for seven weeks and needed some new bikinis.

I ordered about six things, it had everything from bikinis to summertime outerwear. The package came and I just put it in the corner with the rest of the items Id ordered.

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I had been buying things and then stockpiling them ready for the holiday. I thought I wouRead More – Source

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