Michael Venom Page previews Bellator London and slams deluded Paul Daley

Gegard Mousasi vs Rafael Lovato (Picture: Bellator)
Gegard Mousasi defends his title against Rafael Lovato (Picture: Bellator)

Bellator is in London and Ill be cageside to check out the action and support my London Shootfighters team-mates. I have three team-mates fighting, so Im going to be terribly biased in my fights to watch, but there are some great match-ups on the card.

Gegard Mousasi vs Rafael Lovato Jr

Lovato is a dangerous guy, hes big and I feel jiu-jitsu has come back into fashion recently. But, like in MacDonald vs Gracie, there will be moments Lovato will be dangerous, but Mousasi is competent enough to stay out of danger. And, Mousasi will be lethal on top. Its nothing against Lovato, Mousasi is just an amazing fighter, one of the best around. Itll be very difficult for Lovato to win this fight. Mousasi says himself, hes not special at one thing, but 8/10 in every area. He is that guy.



Melvin Manhoef vs Kent Kauppinen

Melvin Manhoef (205.6) vs. Kent Kauppinen (200 (Picture: Bellator)
Melvin Manhoef vs Kent Kauppinen (Picture: Bellator)

Melvin is hot and cold at the moment, and its hard to watch considering what hes done and achieved in the sport. Hes amazing to watch in his prime. Hes still capable of knocking people out, but hes now liable to get knocked out himself. His fights will always be entertaining because he goes in there to kill, but hell leave himself open against Kauppinen. Anything could happen, I dont think that would be a fight Id put money on. Definitely a 50/50 one.

Aaron Chalmers vs Fred Freeman

Aaron Chalmers vs Fred Freeman
Aaron Chalmers vs Fred Freeman (Picture: Bellator)

Most of Chalmers fights are soft ones… hes at a development stage. He makes a lot of mistakes in his fights. Anyone who is half decent will give him issues because hes reckless. But, Im backing him to go in there and do the job. I think the loss he had will make him more cautious. I still want him to be explosive and exciting, but you cant walk through everybody. Were in such a massive ego, high testosterone sport, its brilliant to see Chalmers talk about his anxiety. People forget, fighters are human. Everyone struggles. Fighters have a life before the fight and that continues after the fight, sometimes what happens outside the cage massively affects you. The mental side gets forgotten in training sometimes, even high-level fighters can be caught out in the moment.



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Paul Daley vs Erick Silva

Paul Daley vs Erick Silva (picture: Bellator)
Paul Daley vs Erick Silva (Picture: Bellator)

I find Daley strangely delusional. Hes saying Silva will want to take him down because no fighter can stand with him. Has he forgotten what happened during our fight? That was literally his last fight. He disrespects Silva, when he tried to use the exact same style to beat me. Silva will try and wrestle him. I think Silva is a little bit past it and I think Daley will be confident enough to find that one shot. Daley should take this one.

Ill be cageside Saturday, but I wont be getting into it with Daley. Ive no interest in a rematch. I dont respect him enough. If he came out to fight, then wed be talking about a second fight, but he spoiled the fight.

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James Gallagher vs Jeremiah Labiano

James Gallagher vs Jeremiah Labiano (Picture: Bellator)
James Gallagher vs Jeremiah Labiano (Picture: Bellator)

The young lion will take this guy down, choke him out and do what he normally does. I believe Gallagher is dangerous and hell be desperate to put on a show. You know what happens when he takes someone down. Im putting my chips with Gallagher. Im a big fan of James. Hes controversial, but anybody making noise is. Hes the nicest person away from the cameras. Hes component and composed in his striking and lethal on the ground. I believe hell be a champion at some stage in his career.


Fights to watch

Galore Bofando vs Keith McCabe

galore bofando bellator (Picture: Bellator
Galore Bofando vs Kevin McCabe (Picture: Bellator)

Bofando is a dark horse. If you dont know who he is, watch a few clips on Youtube and youll know hes ridiculous. Ive never met anyone with his athleticism. Sparring him is complicated, its like a video game. When hes on, hes on. Sometimes he struggles to transfer his skills in the gym to the cage. Like Chalmers, the mental side gets to him. Hes capable of doing something youve never seen. In training once, he tried to front-flip axe kick me and if I didnt have the reflexes I had, I would have died. Id be dead right now. Hes capable of unreal moments, and I hope he can treat the fight like a sparring session. Switch off, and have fun. I could go on for days about Galore. He deserves more eyes on him.

Mike Shipman vs Costello van Steenis

Mike Shipman vs Costello van Steenis (Picture: Bellator) Read More – Source

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