Three grandmas turned up to a wedding in the same dress and the internet cant get enough

Its the special occasion scenario all of us dread, turning up in an outfit that may have taken weeks, if not months, of pounding the high street to source, only to find that another guest is wearing the same thing.

And this is exactly the what unfolded for not one, not two, but three wedding guest attendees – a trio of glamorous grandmas who had no idea their ensemble would be repeated two times over.

A snap of this amazing coincidence was shared by Twitter user Alex Campisi using the hashtag #WeddingFail, attracting more than 4,000 likes from those who couldnt quite believe what they were seeing.

All three of the grandmothers unexpectedly showed up to the wedding in ??the??exact??same??dress!! #WeddingFail pic.twitter.com/rRe9KxkDDA

— Alex Campisi (@aacampisi) June 19, 2019

The three-quarter length blue dress featuring a lace top and a chiffon-style skirt definitely ticks a few enduring trend boxes and it seems that all three ladies had the same idea when it came to fashionable, yet functional, footwear, all opting for ballet pump flats in a matching shade.

And the style snap moment continued as all three grandmas sported short, volumised hairdos.


— Alex Campisi (@aacampisi) June 19, 2019

Social media users couldnt wait to share their reactions to the couldnt-have-predicted-it-pic, and heres just a small selection of them below:

“Saw those dresses and recognised them instantly they look beautiful!! Glad everyone was smiling! My grandma would have been mad LOL.”

“I hope they were immediately made honorary senior bridesmaids.”

“This was not a fail! They all look great and multiple grandmothers at a wedding is so so nice!”

“Obviously…All three of your Grandmothers have Excellent Taste…”

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