Ice cream seller charges double for every influencer who asks for a freebie

Its only $4 (Picture: Instagram/cvtsoftserve)

We know that influencers – those with large followings or thereabouts – like to ask for free stuff.

Ice cream seller Joe Nicchi is having none of it.

The 38-year-old from Los Angeles, U.S, who sells his famous Chocolate Vanilla Twist ice creams from a van, has introduced an influencer tax.

Joe said hes inundated with requests from bloggers asking for free treats in exchange for posts on Instagram and Facebook about his business.

Now, the next person to fall foul of his rule will have to pay double for the treat.

Ironically, his new rule has gone viral on social media.

Joe Nicch at his ice cream van in Los Angeles
Kind of ironic that his social media tirade made him go viral on social media (Picture: Joe Nicchi / SWNS)

I finally burned out, explained Joe who said the irony of virality is not lost on him.

I made a sign to charge anyone that mentions theyre an “influencer” double.



I posted about it on Sunday. Yesterday, one of my customers posted about it on Reddit and it was up-voted to the front page.

Yes, its great to have free press for my business, but Im truly thrilled to expose the fact that anyone can buy followers, comments, and likes, and that these so-called “influencers” hold no actual weight.

Its all smoke and mirrors.

Ice cream from Joe's ice cream truck in Los Angeles
This is what you get for $4 (Picture: Instagram/cvtsoftserve)

Joe added that his ice creams are only $4 (£3.18) so most people should be able to afford a cone anyway.

Theres no reason they cant support us. I dont know what they actually do, he continued.

Im honestly embarrassed for them when they say theyre an influencer or tell me how many followers they have.

This whole episode shows that Im not alone in my thinking of how ridiculous they are.

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Joe from New York has run the family-owned business for three years.

Announcing his new rules on Instagram he wrote: Weve decided to make this thing official with signage.

We truly dont care if youre an Influencer, or how many followers you have. We will never give you free ice cream in exchange for a post on your sociRead More – Source

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