People are puzzled by this £470 see-through bikini with its own nipple-censoring bar

The bikini has received mixed reaction (Picture: Cult Gaia, Getty)

Not to sound like your parents, but it seems as though when it comes to swimwear, the trend is to sell as little fabric as possible for the highest cost.

Weve seen underboob bikinis which dont cover your boobs and incredibly high-cut, thong like swimsuits.

Now one Los Angeles based brand has gone the whole hog and made a see-through bikini – with a censorship bar to cover your nipples, of course.

Oh, and its $590 (£470). Cool.

Cult Gaias two-piece swimsuit, called the Shalese Bikini, features a light pink set of bottoms and a transparent strapless top. Its the top thats got our attention, as its made of tulle and has a tortoiseshell acrylic bar across the front to shield your nips from view.

Because as we all know, female nipples can never be seen in public. Theyre far too outrageous.

The Shalese. Strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details
Its definitely… interesting (Picture: Instagram / cult gaia)

The top doesnt look particularly comfortable, and its not clear whether its actually designed to swim in (weve reached out to Cult Gaia to ask, and will update this article if we hear back).



Surely anyone wearing it would spend most of their time by the beach tugging at the top to make sure their nipples are fully covered… which doesnt quite fit our chill seaside vibes.

As youd expect, reactions to the bikini have been mixed.

When Cult Gaia shared a photo of the top online, people flocked to the comments to question the design.

The Shalese. Strapless tulle bikini top with tortoise acrylic details
It costs $590 (Picture: Instagram / cult gaia)

One person wrote: Made of the same precious yarn as the emperors new clothes.

Another said: Seriously… its April fool, isnt it ?

Some people seemed to be fans, though, throwing in some heart eye emoji in the comments. These people are braver than we are.

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The bikini was designed in collaboration with designer Read More – Source

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