A cheese conveyor belt is coming to London

So many cheese options (Picture: Pick & Cheese)

A cheese board is great but it probably cant carry 25 different types, as well as accompaniments.

And theres that moment where you cant reach the really good brie at the other side, so youre stuck eating the boring old cheddar.

Enter, the cheese conveyor belt.

Sit in one spot and watch as chunks of cheese come towards you, allowing you to pick and choose your favourites (or just have all of them).

Its like sushi but with cheese and chutney.

The 40-metre conveyor belt is being launched at Pick & Cheese at the new KERB street food market in Seven Dials.

There are 38 seats around the track, with each person waiting for the cheese to come to them.

The restaurant will feature all-British farms and urban producers and each cheese will be paired with a different condiment.

A close up of cheese on the conveyor belt
Nothing like a plate of cheese coming towards you (Picture: Pick & Cheese)

Combinations include coolea with hazelnut brittle and fresh ricotta with sherry-infused cherries, which sound delicious.



And to help you figure out the price, each piece of cheese will be on a colour coded plate for different price brackets.

Theres also charcuterie from Tottenhams Blackhand Food and hot cheesy dishes, including grilled cheese sandwiches.

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And even dessert is cheese-inspired. Theyve created cheese-flavoured soft serve ice cream, using Baron Bigod brie and Beauvale Blue.

Pick & Cheese will be one of 26 food traders at the new KERB Seven Dials Market. It opens in September inside a former banana storage building.

And the creators do have a bit of history when it comes to creating a cheese-inspired businessRead More – Source

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