Mum goes viral after revealing her ingenious way of sneaking booze into a festival

Heading off to a festival for an afternoon of dancing and singing is one of the nicest ways to while away a summers day.

But with the fun of a live music event of course comes the cost – transport to the venue, food and drink whilst there, and of course the ticket itself.

It can seem like there are a myriad of unavoidable expenses. But now one mum has found a totally genius way of lowering the cost just a little bit…

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Over on the This Morning Facebook page, they revealed that mum Kris uses a brilliant trick to bring her own booze into any festival she goes to – by stashing it away in a present gift bag.

Her daughter shared on Twitter that she often puts bottles of wine into a gift bag, disguising them with tissue paper, and even adds a Happy Birthday balloon to her ensemble to make the whole thing more convincing!

Fans on the This Morning Facebook page seemed to love the idea, with many of them also sharing their clever life hacks for sneaking bottles of bubbly into all kinds of events.

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One wrote, My friends husband managed to tamper with a Capri Sun carton and fill it with sangria!!!! ??, as another shared, A few years ago my friend sellotaped the inside of a wine box to her stomach under her dress and pretended to be pregnant to sneak into an event we went to. It worked too! ? it still makes us chuckle now!

And a third commented,Read More – Source

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