Cops hope little girls drawing will help catch package thieves


Cops hope little girl's drawing will help catch crooks

The girls sketch is helping officers track the thieves (Picture: Springville Police Department)

Police have hailed the skills of a nine-year-old girl after she provided officers investigating a package theft with vital evidence.

When Corporal Curtis, investigating the incident in Springville County, Utah, interviewed the young witness, she said she remembered seeing a red truck following a mail vehicle.

The budding sketch artist then provided Cpl Curtis with a incredibly detailed picture of the vehicle, which even included dents on the trucks body work and a four poster rack which the truck was carrying at the time.

Springville Police Department posted over the weekend: He got a very well drawn picture of the suspect vehicle from the 9 year old little girl.

See for yourself! The truck in the picture is occupied by a man and woman and were seen following a mail truck around.

Springville Police Department

Police said the girls sketch was well-drawn (Picture: Springville Police Department)

Springville Police Department

Police spotted a similar truck on video thanks to the drawing (Caption: Springville Police Department)

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