Its do or die for me Danniella Westbrook admits shell die if she relapses again

Danniella Westbrook has admitted that she'll die because of her cocaine addiction if she ever relapses again.

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The former EastEnders star, who has formerly sober for 12 years before her relapse in 2014, has confessed that another relapse could mean her death.

The 45-year-old, whos now five months clean, is opening up about her drug problem as part of The Sun Onlines End Of The Line campaign, which aims to bust the myth that cocaine is a glamorous, consequence-free drug.

She told the publication: “Ive got another relapse in me, but I dont have another recovery.

“Its do or die for me. I know Im one relapse away from dying.”

Danniella Westbrook

Credit: PA Images

The stars most recent relapse was in 2017, when she started using cocaine after a botched dental surgery, to cope with the pain.

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“I was dabbing cocaine around my mouth and rubbing it in to numb the pain,” she said. “I had three operations in seven weeks. Im an addict and the wheels fell off.”

Speaking on The Jeremy Kyle Show earlier this year, Danniella confessed that she consumed drugs while she was pregnant with her son Kai – even during his birth.

“I could have killed him yeah, and my daughter when I was pregnant with her”, she said.

“I tried for years to make it up to them by buying them things.”

Danniella has also confessed that it was thanks to Jeremy Kyle that she wenRead More – Source

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