10-year-old girl thinks she has fat thighs because her shorts are so small they fit her three-year-old brother

Three-year-old Dalton fits into his sisters shorts (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Discrepancies in clothing sizes are not only infuriating, but can also cause body image issues for shoppers.

One mum, who bought new shorts for her daughter, was shocked that they didnt fit her youngster despite her being a normal size.

Bex Sharpley, from Hampshire, said the size 10 denim shorts for daughter Ruby were so tiny they fit the girls three-year-old brother Dalton.

As a result, Ruby was left thinking she had fat thighs and a chunky belly.

Picture of 10-year-old Ruby whose new size 10 shorts fit her brother, 3, also in the picture
Ruby can usually wear size 10 shorts without any problems (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

The mum-of-four was enraged and said the sizing is fueling body dysmorphia.

The family bought the summer staple for £12.99 from New Looks 915 collection ahead of their holiday.

Ruby, who was excited to try the button-down denim piece, was mortified when they wouldnt go past her knee – and vowed never to wear shorts again.



Bex then picked the shorts up and decided to try them on Dalton, to show her daughter just how small they were.

I was so shocked that my daughter thought she was fat, said Bex.

I call her my little skinny Minnie.

The shorts from new look as advertised online, shown on a young model
The shorts in question, purchased from New Look (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Bex said: Shes a very slim child, but now shes convinced shes fat because she couldnt fit into these shorts.

She said “oh, that must be because Ive got fat thighs otherwise theyd fit me. Have I got chunk on my belly?”.

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Calling on New Look to address their sizing, the mum added: I just thought, imagine a young girl who is a bit chunkier thinking thats what shes supposed to look like.

It could cause body dysmorphia,

Bex revealed that Ruby hadnt tried the shorts on in the store as size 10 normally fits her perfectly.

After realising how tiny the shorts were, the angered mum went back to New Look to complain and compare them to other shorts in the same size.

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She was told that all clothing is tested on children of the same age, which worried Bex as she wondered which 10-year-old is that small.

According to Bex, a customer service spokesperson told her: Please be assured that along with most retailers we use various sized real-life fit models across all of our ranges.

The bust, waist, hips, bicep and thigh measurements are taken for each of the industry-standard sizes and fitted against our models to ensure consistency.

For this reason, we are concerned tRead More – Source

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