Morrisons has just launched a ham, egg and chips sandwich

The sandwich is limited edition (Picture: Morrisons)

Morrisons is launching a new Ham, Egg and Chips sandwich, inspired by the British pub classic.

The limited edition sandwich has been created for shoppers who fancy a pub lunch without actually having to go out.

The sandwich features roasted potato chips with hard-boiled free-range eggs and thinly sliced ham, with flame roasted chutney and mayonnaise on seeded white brad.

Rob Gallagher, Food to Go Buyer at Morrisons, said: Customers told us that they loved the flavours of pub classics and that they were always looking out for more adventurous sandwich fillings and so we have combined them to create our new Ham, Egg and Chips sandwich.

Homemade eggs with French fries and fried bacon on plate - close up view
Fancy this in a sandwich? (Picture: Getty)

The new pub inpsired sandwich comes part of a new meal deal range, with other additions to the limited edition range including fig and Wensleydale sandwiches, the CLT – a sandwich featuring carrot, lettuce and tomatoes, a chicken dinner sandwich and a chicken Yorkshire pudding wrap.



The ham, egg and chips sandwich was made available on 5 August, and will be around for 12 weeks.

Morrisons has also recently opened bee-friendly farms to protect the bee population.

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The supermarket has launched Project Pollinator, a farming scheme that has transformed 57 acres of farmland into nectar rich habitats to increase the bee population on farms by up to 55%.

Working with farmers, Morrisons is launching Bee-friendly products, with one the most popular being Bee-Friendly eggs which are now avRead More – Source

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