Aldi is selling Bake Off KitchenAid stand mixer dupes for under £50

On the left, the Aldi mixer and the right, the Kitchen Aid version (Picture: Aldi, KitchenAid)

Its GBBO season again and though some of you might be watching it for the beautiful cakes, others tune in just to catch a glimpse of those pristine pastel stand mixers.

The bakers each use a KitchenAid but starting at with prices starting around £320, it is something most of us can only dream about.

Well, now Aldi is selling a dupe version for just £49.

The Aldi version comes in two colours, a classic white or a slightly more exciting red version.

It has a 4l capacity bowl and six-speed levels to help you whisk up everything from bread dough to meringue.

It even includes a splash guard to prevent you and your kitchen getting covered in cake batter.

METROGRAB - Aldi stand mixer dupe Aldi stand mixer
The £49 stand mixer (Picture: Aldi)

It uses planetary mixing action, which means the beater moves one way while the drive shaft moves the other to make sure everything is incorporated in the bowl.



It comes with three attachments – a whisk, dough hook and beater.

Everything is mixed in a stainless steel bowl and the tilt head function means you can lift the whole thing out easily to add the rest of the ingredients or pour the mix into a cake tin.

Theres even anti-slip feet to stop it moving around on your kitchen worktop.

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It also comes with a three-year guarantee so if anything goes wrong, you can get a new one.

Its available from today but is part of the special buys so you need to be quick Read More – Source

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