We should be putting dark chocolate on our roast lamb, says study

Would you brave the unconventional combination? (Picture: Getty)

Move over mint sauce – new research has found the best seasonings for lamb and theyre pretty unconventional.

The study looked at the molecular make-up of the meat to the find foods that share similar compounds.

The findings are pretty tasty.

The research showed dark chocolate has the greatest similarity as it shares a number of similar notes to cooked lamb, due to its strong and bitter flavour. Coffee and mackerel also rank highly for enhancing its flavour.

Other compatible foods include cheese (particularly brie), grapefruit and shrimp.

But there were some familiar findings too, as potatoes proved to also complement the popular meat.

The study also showed that reaching for a glass of red wine to go with your lamb dinner may not be the best option.

Instead, it found that other alcoholic drinks, such as whiskey and saké, shared more in common with the cooked meat. It found that both drinks have an aroma containing cocoa and almond notes – two flavours not typically found in lamb.



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Food scientist and flavour expert Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart commented on the unusual findings of the study and stated that being experimental with lamb could have the best pay off, gastronomically.

He said: While many of these ingredients are common in cooking, people can often be afraid to put bold flavours together.

This research shows that the traditional pairings of rosemary or mint may not be the best food to bring out all of the flavours lamb has to offer.

People can therefore afford to be a bit bolder in their choices.

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