Greggs is launching its autumn menu imminently and it includes a spicy chicken bake

Chicken and pepperoni bake (Picture: Greggs)

Greggs is introducing its autumn menu tomorrow so we cant wait for this day to be over.

The bakery chain teased keen fans last month and we finally have a date.

The autumnal additions include a pumpkin spice latte, obviously, a spicy chicken and pepperoni steak bake, and six new treats.

The latte is a seasonal favourite and contains sweet pumpkin spice-flavoured syrup, topped with cream and sprinkles.

And a lot might have happened in the past year but Greggs is unchanging: a regular drink will cost £2.20 and a large £2.50 which is the same as last year.

Of course, other coffee shops like Starbucks have their own version of the seasonal staple but they also charge big bucks.

The same beverage at Starbucks will cost you £3.15, a whole 95p more than Greggs.

You can also expect two new baguettes, one with peri-peri chicken and the other with Chipotle chilli steak.



Autumn cant come soon enough.

Chipotle chili steak baguette
Chipotle chilli steak baguette (Picture: Greggs)

Greggs autumn menu

Spicy chicken and pepperoni bake – from £1.85

Pumpkin spiced latte – from £2.20

Hot peri peri chicken baguette – from £3 (New)

Chipotle chilli steak baguette – from £3 (New)

BBQ chicken and bacon toastie – from £3.30 (New)

BBQ chicken and bacon toastie
BBQ chicken and bacon toastie (Picture: Greggs)

Peri peri chicken wrap – from £2.75 (New

Apple and cinnamon flavour porridge – from £1.10 (New)

Creamy chicken and vegetable soup – from £1.90 (New)

Also on the menu is a BBQ chicken and bacon toastie as well as apple and cinnamon flavour porridge, and chicken and vegetable soup.

Youre probably used to the spicy chicken and pepperoni bake though which has been on-and-off the menu since 2015.

This old fave features fajita-flavoured chicken breast in a creamy sauce with pepperoni.

New peri-peri chicken baguette
New peri-peri chicken baguette (Picture: Greggs)

If all of that has got your mouth watering, you can find out Read More – Source

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