Can you get tickets for the EURO 2020 finals?

Is there still a chance for you to see whos crowned the winner first-hand? (Picture: KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP/Getty Images)

The countdown to Euro 2020 and its all-important finals is ticking on, and the hype for what will be the 60th anniversary of the tournament is building.

12 cities in 12 different nations across the continent will be hosting matches, which is unique, as the tournament is usually hosted in just one country.

Euro 2020 will be on from 12 June until 12 July 2020, and even though its still the better part of a year away, the hunt for tickets to see the action has already started…

Can you get tickets for the EURO 2020 finals?

The first round of ticket applications opened on 12 June 2019 and closed a month later on 12 July.

Between July and August, applicants were told whether or not their applications to buy tickets were successful.

Those lucky footy fans have been given a limited amount of time to pay for the tickets or risk losing out.



If you werent one of the successful applicants, or you just missed the application window, then worry not for theres still hope.

Fans of teams which have qualified for the Euro 2020 finals through the European Qualifiers will be able to make use of another application window which will open in December as long as they meet criteria laid out by their respective national football associations.

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