The vegan eating contests that will have you cradling your gut

Londons best vegan eating contests. (Picture: MEATLiquor/Biffs Jack Shack/Young Vegans)

When you think of eating competitions, theres a particular aesthetic that comes to mind. Diners going to town on an artery-clogging mountain of burger patties, competitors up to their elbows in greasy rib sauce and people heading to suffocation city thanks to all the hot dogs piled into their mouths.

These competitions might make you question how much progress weve made in the field of food waste and overindulgence, but for some, its just a bit of fun.

Due to the popularity of vegan food in the UK, eating competitions are no longer just for carnivores. Foodies on a plant-based diet, whose appetite is only surpassed by their competitive drive, dont need to miss out.

Here are Londons top vegan eating competitions.

Vegan wingz eating competition, Biffs Jack Shack

In 2018, Biffs Jack Shack ran the first vegan wingz eating competition. The event was created in response to National Chicken Wing Day and to raise funds for Friend Farm Animal Sanctuary.



The 2019 competition saw eight people battle it out at the Shoreditch-based eatery for the prize of a years supply of wingz.

The contestants had to go head to head to eat 10 of our crispy fried jackfruit wingz with a super-spicy version of our classic maple chipotle hot sauce, co-founder of Biffs, Christa Bloom told to

There were some really fierce competitors, but a guy called Harry absolutely smashed it! He won in 2:30, which was a massive 48 seconds fast than our 2018 winner!

The vegan wingz are made of young green jackfruit, a secret blend of herbs and spices and a panko crumb coating, all held together on sugarcane spear.

The annual competition is set to return next year.

Between this year and last it became so much bigger. We took over the bar at Boxpark, had DJs, doubled the contestants and quadrulpled the amount of money we raised for charity.

I cant give details but were already planning the next incarnation and its going to be even bigger.

Triple chilli challenge, MEATliquor

Dont be fooled by the carnivorous name, burger chain MEATliquor has just introduced a new vegan triple chili challenge.

Their original triple chilli challenge was a staple on the London eating contest scene for more than six years, but after countless requests for a meatless version, they answered the plant-based call.

The vegan triple chilli challenge is what the people want, so well give it to them! co-founder of MEATLiquor, Scott Collins, told



Competitors can simply pop into the restaurant and devour black bean chilli fries, a vegan hot dog and a burger made up of spiced potato beetroot, onions, beans and pickles in under ten minutes. The prize is simple: you dont have to pay for the food you just demolished.

Chilli pie contest, Young Vegans

Heres another one with a spicy touch. If eating five versions of Young Vegans chilli sin carne pie isnt enough, bear in mind that each features a different chilli.

The Camden pie-makers begin with the relatively entry-level jalapeno and creep their way up to the hottest chiRead More – Source

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