Police hunt for meth user who looks just like Breaking Bads Walter White

Todd Barrick Jr, Walter White

Police are searching for a Walter White lookalike who is wanted for probation violation related to possession of methamphetamine (Picture: Galesburg Police/AMC)

The mugshot of a man wanted for methamphetamine possession shockingly resembles TVs favorite crystal meth kingpin, Walter White, from Breaking Bad.

Police in Galesburg, Illinois posted the photo of Todd Barrick Jr, 50, after he violated his probation related to possession of meth.

The resemblance is eerily uncanny between Barrick and the infamous character played by Bryan Cranston from the hit AMC show about a science teacher who becomes a meth manufacturer.

According to the Galesburg police department, Barrick is still at large. On The police departments Facebook post, one user commented: Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at Los Pollos Hermanos, referring to Breaking Bads iconic settings.

Walter white

More people jumped on the picture of Barrick to make jokes about Breaking Bad, than those actually responding earnestly to the police (Picture: AMC)

Another commenter joked: Please check the nearest car was or storage center, which were both locations Walter White used to launder money in theRead More – Source

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