Mother loses custody of toddler after she was filmed giving him two shots of liquor

Grabs of a mother appearing to give her toddler two shots of liquor from a bottle of booze

A mother lost custody of her toddler son after this clip circulated online showing her apparently giving the youngster two shots of liquor from a bottle cap (Picture: KFOR)

A mother lost her toddler son after a video which appears to show her giving the youngster two shots of liquor was widely shared online.

The woman, who has not been named, had the youngster removed from her by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services after officials were alerted to the clip.

It shows the youngster walk up to her brandishing a bottle of alcohol at his familys home in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The mom asks You want a drink? while one of the boys female siblings, who appears to be filming, says: Do it mom, do it!

The woman then appears to give the little boy two shots of booze poured into the bottles cap, with the child drinking both.

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Her daughter, who continues to film the incident, can be heard crowing: Thats my brother, thats my dude right there, oh hell yeah!



Speaking to News4 at a court hearing Monday, the woman claimed she had only pretended to give the child alcohol – but then implied shed rinsed her childrens pacifiers off with beer.

She said: Never been without him a day in his life.

Yes, it was bad judgement on my part to even act like I gave him alcohol, but I swear there was none in the cap.

Writing on Facebook later on, the mother added: I didnRead More – Source

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