Outraged mother hits out at daycare for feeding her baby another womans breast milk

Jessi Werkmeister

Jessi Werkmeister said her son was fed another womans breast milk, even though he requires a special formula (CBS/WNEP)

A mother has removed her baby from a daycare center after she saw him drinking another womans breast milk.

Jessi Werkmeister said she was shocked when she picked her son up from Wee Care Childcare in Fenton, Missouri and saw a worker feeding him from a bottle that was not his.

Werkmeister said her son was born four weeks early and suffers from tummy issues, so she had been feeding him with a special formula.

She had been supplying the daycare with the formula for her son, but was outraged when she learned he was given milk that came from another womans body.

Werkmeister told KMOV: I was really mad at first, I was just so mad, adding that her son got sick after drinking the strangers breast milk.

Wee Care Childcare

Werkmeister says she has since removed her child from Wee Care Childcare in Fenton, Missouri (Picture: Google Maps)

He started spitting up about a half hour after we got home, she said.



Its a horrible feeling knowing your child is getting breast milk from another mother who you dont know their daily habits, if they eat well, if they smoke or drink.

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Werkmeister later used Facebook to find the mother whose milk her son had been given.

She told KTVI: She reassured me it was breast milk. She said, “What is my son getting if your sons getting my breast milk?'”

The daycare center has since apologized to the parents of all parties inRead More – Source

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