People are confused by this ASOS bridal jumpsuit that is completely see through

The ASOS bridal jumpsuit (Picture: ASOS)

If youre a bride that wants something a little quirky (and comfortable), the bridal jumpsuit might be the way to go.

Its a new wedding trend and we get it – its easy to wear and looks pretty classy.

But people are confused by one all-in-one offering from ASOS because its almost completely see-through.

The ASOS DESIGN premium mesh jumpsuit with embroidery is a bargain £45 but people have pointed out it might be more suitable for the wedding night, rather than actually walking down the aisle.

The mesh outfit means you can see a lot of skin, with just some embroidery covering from the crotch to the nipple area.

Even the embroidery doesnt cover everything and you would need underwear underneath.

It comes in sizes 4 to 18 and is an ivory colour.

The jumpsuit was posted on a wedding shaming Facebook group and people werent impressed.

Asos Bridal Jumpsuit
The jumpsuit costs £45 (Picture: ASOS)

The site does describe the piece as a little something for your lingerie drawer but the poster said she found it in the bridal collection.



The poster said: I was browsing the ASOS bridal collection and this came up… when would you wear this??! Its not really walk down the aisle material.

They added: Just to be clear for everyone, this wasnt in the lingerie section. It was in the dresses section, with the dresses. Not the lingerie.

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Most people said it was only really appropriate for the bedroom after the big day but others said it could work for a certain wedding vibe.

One said: Beach wedding with a bikini underneath? SRead More – Source