Greggs is now charging 5p for paper bags and customers are furious

The bakery chain has left many unhappy (Picture: Greggs)

Greggs has been pleasing crowds recently with news of its autumn menu and hot evening meal deals – but its latest announcement has left customers raging.

The popular bakery chain announced it will now be charging 5p for its paper bags.

The decision has been met with angry backlash from customers, with many pointing out that the government levy only applies to plastic bags – which the chain previously phased out.

Others were also keen to stress the poor quality of the paper bags currently on offer.

One customer took to Twitter to express his outrage saying: I know its only 5p but imagine how many people have been charged. In a nutshell, youre taking the proverbial.

Another said: The bags are cheap rubbish and no one should be charging for paper bags!

Greggs has replied to customers on Twitter, saying: To further reduce our environmental impact well be charging 5p for our paper bags to encourage customers to use their own reusable bags.



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The bakery chain also says that all profits from the bags will go towards the Greggs Foundation – a charity which supports good causes in local communities.

Another customer commented on this element: Its great that they donate the charge to good causes but it would be nice if customers had the choice over whether to pay. Its not legally compulsory so they shouldnt act like it is.

Greggs follows in the footsteps of supermarket giant Morrisons, which introduced 20p paper bags earlier this year.

But other high street food competitors such as Pret and Costa currently do not charge for paper bags.

The news comes after the chain announced it will be staying open until 9pm, to serve its new £4 evening meal deal.

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