North Korean held in Russia ‘for poaching’ dies

Russia says a North Korean fisherman detained on charges of poaching in the Sea of Japan has died in custody.

He was one of six men injured while resisting arrest, a senior Russian border guard official said.

"Subsequently, one of them died," the official told Russia-24 TV. North Korea has yet to comment on the incident.

Some 161 fishermen in total were detained this week. Russia says three guards were wounded in a clash before two North Korean vessels were seized.

Russia said the ships were engaged in illegal fishing off its coast and that one of the vessels launched an "armed attack".

Russia's foreign ministry has expressed "serious concern" and summoned North Korea's top diplomat.

This is not the first time the countries have had run-ins in the region.

North Korea has previously seized Russian boats. In July, it arrested a fishing cRead More – Source

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