Man admits he pipes cheaper Aldi mayo into an old Hellmanns bottle to fool his girlfriend

The picture he posted on Reddit (Picture: Reddit)

Buying own brand products at the supermarket is usually cheaper but can you taste the difference.

Some of us insist we can and it makes us stay loyal to the more expensive brand, no matter what the saving.

But one man was fed up of his girlfriend refusing to eat cheap mayonnaise, insisting that they buy Hellmanns instead.

So, he started buying cheaper mayo from Aldi and piping it into an old squeezy bottle, with the Hellmanns label on it.

Posting on Reddit, the man says he has been doing this for a year and she hasnt noticed yet.

He said: Piping the Aldi mayo into the same Hellmanns bottle weve had for a year so the missis will not know shes a commoner.

The image shows how hes emptied the Aldi jar into a piping bag, unscrewed the lid and topped up the old bottle.



Controversy though, hes not only tricking her about the price but hes also deceiving her about the calorie and fat content as the bottle is labelled as lighter mayo and the cheaper version is full fat.

But he does make quite a saving, Aldis Bramwell mayonnaise costs around 59p per 475g jar but the Hellmanns version is £1.50 for a 250ml bottle or its currently on offer at £2 for a 750ml bottle at Tesco.

Hopefully, the original bottles sell-by date doesnt say it expires any time soon or she might figure out something is up.

The post has received almost 200 comments since it was posted four days ago.

One person pointed out that you might need to give the bottle a good wash first.

They said: I hope you give it a good wash and you dont have year-old mayo mixed in there.

Others shared tales of doing similar things to their loved ones.

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One said: I did this to my kids. Made the 6-year-old a tuna mayonnaise sandwich. “Mum” she goes “are you sure this is Hellmans, it tastes funny.” I said “no its the usual mayo.” She goes “maybe I just dont like tuna mayonnaise anymore.” Ffs.

Another added: My Mum used to do this with washing up liquiRead More – Source

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