Sickly killers blood vessels and tumors will explode in gruesome bloodbath if he is executed by lethal injection

File photo of execution chamber next to photo of death row killer Russell Bucklew

Death row killer Russell Bucklew will die in a horrific bloodbath if he is put to death by lethal injection next week, because of a condition which weakens his blood vessels, his lawyer has warned (Pictures: AP)

A sickly death row killers blood vessels and tumors will explode and cause a gruesome spectacle if he is executed by lethal injection, his lawyer warned.

Russell Bucklew, 51, suffers from a condition called cavernous hemangioma, which weakens blood vessels and causes blood-filled tumors to grow in sufferers noses and throats.

He is set to be killed by lethal injection in Jefferson City, Missouri on October 1 over a 1997 murder and rape conviction. But his lawyers have made an 11th hour plea for clemency, claiming a gruesome execution could traumatize witnesses.

His attorney Laurence Komp said: Russells compromised medical condition make it highly likely that the states protocol will cause a visually gruesome execution that will traumatize corrections personnel and witnesses alike.



Komp said executing Bucklew by lethal injection presented incredible risks, with any such injection likely to cause Bucklew to drown in his own blood while bleeding from his mouth, nose and eyes.

Old mugshot of Bucklew after the 1997 murder conviction which sent him to death row

Bucklew murdered Michael Sanders after his ex Stephanie Ray moved in with Sanders, before kidnapping Ray, raping her and taking her hostage

But he stopped short of suggesting it breached the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution, which prohibits the federal government from imposing cruel and unusual punishment.

A recent photo taken of Bucklew shows a large, purple growth on his top lip, which appears to be a symptom of his illness.

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Bucklew was convicted of first-degree murder in 1997 for shooting and killing Michael Sanders after Bucklews ex-girlfriend Stephanie Ray moved in with Sanders.

The killer then handcuffed, kidnapped and raped Ray, before finally being apprehended following a shoot-out with police.

Appealing to pro-life Republican Governor of Missouri Mike Parson, Komp also claimed Bucklew had turned over a new leaf behind bars.

He said: Russell Bucklew is a man of profound Christian faith, a loyal and true friend, a caring son, and aRead More – Source

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